Excursion: Granada & The Alhambra Palace
Granada sits 2000ft above sea level, at the foot of the magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountains. The city itself sits on two hill tops the Alhambra and the Albaicin. It is a city full of romance and folklore and was the last stronghold of Moorish Spain. The city's location and history make it a wonderful place to visit, providing much to see within the city together with superb views of the surrounding country to one side and the mountains to the other. In Spanish Granada means pomegranate and this fruit is the symbol of the city although it is believed that the name Granada originates from the Moorish word Karnattah.
The highlight of any tour, including our own, has to be a visit to the world renowned Alhambra Palace. This was originally built as a defensive structure but became the lavish  residence of the Sultan after Cordoba was reconquered and  Granada became the centre of Moorish occupation.
The most photographed part of the palace is at it's very heart and formed the most private part of the building. This is the Court of Lions which housed the Harem! Immediately adjacent to this is the Hall of the Two Sisters which housed the Sultan's favourite of the moment. In 1812 the French attempted to blow up the Palace but succeeded in destroying only seven of it's towers. Following this attempt it fell into disrepair and became the haunt of beggars and itinerents until the Duke of Wellington arrived in the City. He took up residence in the palace, evicted the beggars and started the restoration works which have continued to the present day. Adjacent to the Palace is the Generalife Gardens which was built as a retreat for the Sultan. These wonderful gardens and courtyards are included on out tour and are a favourite with everyone.
As usual our excursion gives some free time to explore the city centre and there is an optional inclusive lunch available
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