Car Hire
A favourite way of getting about on the Costa del Sol is to hire a car either for the day or a longer term.   There are many car hire companies to choose from with a fairly wide variance in price, so it is worth shopping around.   Do check the details of the contract and the state of the car before you drive off.  You will be asked to pay for the hire and a deposit at the time of hiring and you will need to show your passport and driving license.   If you are hiring a car a few useful thing to bear in mind are:

 - Always carry your passport, driving license and hire agreement.
 - It is the law to always wear a seatbelt whilst driving.
 - Traffic police are strict and can demand on-the-spot fines.
 - Don't drink and drive - the law is similar to that in Britain and the rest of Europe.
 - In the event of an accident, don't admit liability or part with any documents or money.
 - Don't leave any valuables on show when you leave the vehicle.
 - Don't leave valuables on the seat with the windows open, particularly in the towns.

There are many reputable car-hire firms all along the coast, and most of them speak at least some English. If you are not sure then check out our advertisers for companies which we recommend.

There are many beautiful routes through the countryside on the Costa del Sol, check out the Tourist Offices for places of interest and maps.
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