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It is easy to forget when crossing the road, that the traffic will be coming from the opposite direction of what we are used to - so do take care. Whilst, generally, there are plenty of zebra crossings, Spanish drivers don't normally stop unless you are actually on the crossing and even that can't be guaranteed, not even when the light is on the green walking man! TAKE CARE .


Driving on the Spanish roads can be a daunting experience, even for the most experienced of drivers, and though the motorways and main roads are really very good, the side roads can be a bit rough, with potholes and other obstructions.  When you really get into the country, you have to contend with dirt tracks, which in some cases can be rather scary and for a normal car can often be impassable.
The traffic in Spain drives on the RIGHT therefore, when you approach a roundabout, always concentrate on traffic from the LEFT.  All traffic on a roundabout has priority, so wait your turn and do be careful.   On the whole, though, Spanish drivers are pretty good and courteous, even though you may feel that they drive rather fast, the Spanish tend to be aggressive drivers and there are quite a lot of accidents, though mostly with only material damage.

Our advice, to you, is drive carefully, take your time and study the road signs, for instance, you will find many 'roundabouts!!' where the road continues straight on, with traffic lights, but you will see the sign "CAMBIO DE SENTIDO" this means "CHANGE DIRECTION", keep to the right hand lane, and follow the traffic around to the left (of the roundabout) if you wish to turn left from the main road.

So take your time and drive slowly.
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