Excursion: Ronda & The Scenic Train

- Pick up, by coach, along the coast.
- Travel, through the mountains towards
- Short stop, just outside Ronda,
        refreshments available
- 5 hours to explore the wonders of
        Ronda with the help of our exclusive map.
- Travel, by train, through magnificent
        scenery, to San Roque.
- Return, by coach, to your pick up point.
Probably one of the most famous towns in Spain, Ronda was, originally, a hill top fortress and still retains much evidence of it's origins. Located 2,300 feet above sea level the town has been described as equal parts of art, history and beauty. The town's most famous feature is El Tajo, the 500 foot deep gorge which separates the old and new towns and which is spanned by three magnificent bridges. The most famous of these is the Puente Nuevo or New Bridge which, despite it's name, was built in the latter half of the 18th century. The town is full of ancient and wonderful buildings including a huge bullring reputed to be the largest and oldest in Spain. Our excursion  finishes with one of the most spectacular train  journeys in Europe. All Excursion Centre clients  receive a unique  map helping them to make the most of their visit to this wonderful location.
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