Excursion: Tangiers
Tangiers, a mysterious international city in North Africa, is a wonderful place to spend a day or two. The city is called international because, although it has always been part of Morocco, in the early part of last century it was home to large populations from countries such as France, Great britain and America. The city was a major centre of trade between North Africa and the rest of the World.
Our excursion is designed to give you a feel for the uniqueness this Moroccan city and the highlight of the day is a walking touir through the Casbah and Medina. Traditionally the Medina is the walled inner city containing the Casbah or marketplace. As you would expect this is a labyrinth of small streets containing shops selling almost everything imagineable.
We start the day, having travelled to Tarifa by coach, with a trip on the fast ferry direct to the port at Tangiers. The ferry crosses the Straits of Gibraltar - gateway to the Mediterranean, and inaddition to seeing ships of all shapes and sizes there is an excellent chance of seeing the Dolphins which the Bay of Gibraltar is so famous for. The views of Gibraltar itself, and the Atlas Mountains are spectacular when seen from the ferry.
Having arrived in Tangiers you are taken on a coach tour around the city with an opportunity to get an excellent feel for it's international nature.
Lunch is taken in a famous, typical Moroccan restaurant with local entertainment.
Then it's off to the casbah. Your local guide will take you through some of the more interesting streets and there is plenty of opportunity to stock up on gifts and souvenirs and haggle with the shop keepers or street vendors.
Following the visit we return to the port for the ferry home.
If you opt for the two day excursion you will, at this point, be taken to your hotel on the sea front. The price includes dinner, breakfast the following evening and use of all the facilities. Once you are booked into the hotel your time is your own to explore the city further. You will be collected from the hotel in the afternoon of the following day.
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