Excursion: Seville
Cities become famous for all sorts of reasons - in the case of Seville it is, without doubt, because of it's beauty and romance. Everything associated with Spain and Andalucia seems to come together in Seville with it's orange trees, mantillas, flower filled patios, flamenco and castanet ratling gypsies. It has been said that if you can only visit two Spanish cities, Seville should be one of them.
This was where Columbus landed on his return from discovering the Americas and was the setting for both Mozart's Don Juan and Bizet's Carmen operas. Carmen was, in fact, a tobacco girl who rolled cigars in the tobacco factory which can still be seen today. It is the second largest building in Spain and is now part of the University.
Included in out tour is a guided tour of the Cathedral and a walk through the old Jewish Quarter. The Cathedral is the largest Gothic building in the world and the third largest church in Europe. Built on the site of an ancient Mosque, building of the Cathedral started in the 1400's although it took many centuries for it to be completed. Next to the Cathedral is the Giralda Tower and, just as Big Ben symbolises London, this Moorish tower does the same for Seville. It was originally erected as a mineret by thye Moors and, most unusually their are no steps to the top , just an endless ramp winding it's way up the inside of the tower. The old Jewish Quarter, the Barrio de Santa Cruz, is the most colourful part of the city, full of winding, medieval streets and tiny plazas all shaded by flower filled patios and balconies.
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