Emergency Numbers
Medical Emergency                                  
This is the equivalent of dialling 999 for an ambulance

Guardia Civil                                           
The Guardia Civil deal with traffic related incidents and also act as the local police force in those areas where there is no local  force, such as out in the country areas. The Guardia Civil also act as customs officers.

Local Police                                         
In Spanish they are the Policia Local and, as the name implies, they only operate in towns, and are controlled by the local Town Hall.

National Police                                         
The National Police deal with major and serious crimes and act as immigration. The National Police now have a service where crimes can be reported in English (and other common languages). The crime report can be made over the phone and you then visit your local National Police station to sign and receive a copy of the report. This is very useful when you simply need the crime report for your insurance company.
The number to call is:                        

Fire Brigade                                                 

Known in Spanish as Bomberos

Red Cross Ambulance                         
Known as Cruz Rojas, they provide an ambulance service. In common with a lot of European countries Spain uses, primarily, private ambulance companies which charge. The Red  Cross ambulances are free.

Highway Breakdown (Free Phone)        
Almost all Spanish car insurance includes cover for breakdown. This number will provide a service for those not covered by their own insurance but there may be cost involved.

Maritime Emergency (Free Phone)         




902 102 112


952 222 222

900 123 505

900 202 202
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