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  1.  When you have submitted your booking we will contact you via email to confirm the booking and inform you of the correct pick-up place and time.
  2.  Bookings can be made without any payment. Payment can be made, by credit card or cash, to the guide on your excursion.
  3.  If there are optional extras available for your excursion, we will inform you, in our initial email, and give you the opportunity to include them in your booking. Alternatively you will be able to arrange the optional extras, with your guide, on the day of the excursion.
  4.  A very limited number of excursions have a potential supplement, depending on the details of the booking and pick-up points etc. In the unlikely event that such a supplement is applicable we will inform you in our initial email.
  5. On the booking form we ask for a contact telephone number. This should be a number on which you can be contacted here on the Costa del Sol. If you are unable to provide a number we may ask you for another contact method such as hotel room number. We do this for your own protection so that, in the very unlikely event of cancellation, or some other change to the excursion, we can contact you.

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