Reporting A Crime
Many people are put off reporting a crime because of the language difficulties and not understanding the system of policing in Spain. Where an eventual insurance claim is involved, the insurance company will want to know that the crime has been reported. and will require the reference number. Whilst there is a very good, volunteer, translation service in some police stations this may not be available when you want it. The National Police now have a service where crimes can be reported in English. Once the report has been made, you can simply go to any National Police station to sign it and get the required reference number for any insurance claim. This service can be obtained by telephoning: 902.102.112
See our page on Emergency telephone numbers for a brief description of the 3 different police forces which we have in Spain. If you need to visit one of the forces then they have offices in most of the towns. To complicate matters their offices are not known as police stations. For example the Guardia Civil's station is known as a "cuartel" and the National Police are based in a "comisaria". If you need to find them simply ask for the following:

Guardia Civil
Local Police
National Police
"Guardia Civil"
"Policia Local"
"Policia Nacional"
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